For the first time, Avión tequila is leveraging the exclusivity alongside the demand for NFTs as it partners with BlockBar to release a limited-edition, prestige expression: Avión Lucky Liquid.

Avión Lucky Liquid embodies a story of serendipity. This limited-edition release of just 100 bottles is the pioneering product of nine years’ aging for extra añejo tequila in one single French oak cask that previously matured Mexican Cabernet Sauvignon. Left forgotten in the cellars until it was fortunately rediscovered, the result is an expression with unparalleled depth and character which takes its name from having beaten all odds – clearly prevailing as an exquisite 100% agave tequila despite the nature of its production.

This ultra-aged tequila boasts a distinct reddish hue and remains unfiltered to preserve its intrinsic character and vibrant texture. It evokes profound and intense sweet aromas such as cacao and candied red fruits. On the palate, it delivers a robust tannin-rich body, followed by mellow fruity notes of peach, cranberry, and pecans – culminating in the sophisticated, smooth mouthfeel emblematic of a high quality 100% agave tequila.

With only 100 numbered bottles available as part of this exclusive collection on BlockBar, Avión has its sights set on expanding awareness of – and driving demand for – its portfolio of prestige tequilas among a new community of consumers who relish the finer things in life. It marks the next step in the forward-thinking brand’s ambition to disrupt the status quo and subvert expectations of prestige tequila.

Taking inspiration from the brand’s sought-after Reserva range, Avión Lucky Liquid will be available in a unique, specially designed bottle. This features luxurious gold touches and nods to the world of blockchain technology via hexadecimals, within which the Lucky Liquid manifesto is encrypted.

Avid collectors can join the waiting room to purchase Avión Lucky Liquid on from 10:00am EST on 27th May, before it goes on sale on a first come, first served basis at 10AM EST on 3rd June, priced at $495. Each bottle of Avión Lucky Liquid will be stored in BlockBar’s state-of-the-art storage facility in Singapore, and owners will have the option to resell via BlockBar’s secondary marketplace or redeem their NFT for the physical bottle from July 2025.

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