A Mythic Elixir

Dive deep into the mystic with our range of artisanal mezcal. Del Maguey promises to showcase the very best of what Mexican spirits has to offer. Each bottle brings an experience and each sip offers its very own expression. Telling a timeless story of traditional mezcal production and harnessing raw and rugged ingredients to create a truly magical flavor.

The heritage of mezcal is one of passion and patience, utilizing all that the land has to offer to create a delicate balance of sophisticated flavors. Mezcal is a product the world needs to know about, a drink which is designed to be savored with a sip.. or a kiss as the Mexicans say.

Indulge yourself in the culture and tradition of Mexican spirits with our range of artisanal mezcals, made using only the finest agave and production techniques.

Our Mezcal

Our Mezcal is more than just an agave distillate made in Mexico. It is the culture and heritage of indigenous families. The heart of the maguey and the soul of the village.

How to Enjoy

Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal is a beverage to be savored. Warm your palate with its aromas, flavors and rich textures. Each taste takes you on an adventure. Enjoy!

Our Bottles

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Core Village Series

Vino de Mezcal Series

Del Maguey Tobala


Hand-crafted on a tropical hillside surrounded by fruit trees and rose bushes in the village of Santa Maria Albarradas. Agave: Wild Tobalá. Naturally fermented and twice distilled in wood-fired copper stills. Nose of fruit & florals, palate of mango, cinnamon & bright salinity with a long, creamy finish. ABV 48.

Especial Series