Watch “How to create the Finest Paloma”: The First Episode of the New Altos YouTube Series

Discover the new limited series of Altos Tequila on Youtube.

“How to Create the Finest Paloma Recipes: Traditional | Crafted | Smoky | Spicy” is now available, the first episode of our new Altos Tequila limited series for YouTube, starring none other than the co-founder of the brand and legend of the industry, Dré Masso.

With this video series, we’re bringing the best tequila for margaritas, voted by bartenders, to tequila lovers and cocktail connoisseurs. The series will tell the story of Altos, delve into the details of its production, and teach audiences how to recreate bar-quality cocktails in the comfort of their homes, using Altos Tequila of course.

The first episode is now available on the Altos YouTube channel and soon you will be able to see the entire collection: